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Mini Beauty Haul

This week I picked up a few beauty products from Sephora and MAC. I'm super excited to try them!! Now, some are newbies for me, but I will of course do a follow-up post to let you guys know how they work!

These were my birthday gifts from Sephora. I have yet to try them, but I've read wonderful reviews on both. I've owned other products by fresh and they were amazing! SUPER excited to try them.

(Price: Free sample for my Birthday)

LOVEEEEE this! It's purpose to minimize the look of pores, and also to absorb oil. I apply this freshly washed and moisturized skin, before adding make-up. When you see the product in person, you would think it would think it would feel moist as you put it on. It actually goes on smoothly, and dries instantly!

(Price: $12 for 0.25 oz. and $31 for 0.75 oz.)

Both are my favorites! These are my go-to lipsticks for all year round!

(Price: $17.00 each)

Perfect for beginners! This is a powder foundation, and it applies very easily. My reason for using powder foundation vs. liquid is because my T-zone tends to get oily throughout the day. Powder foundation (along with the POREfessional) help to minimize oil! Also, my shade is Clearly Almond 11.

(Price: $28.00)

This is a newbie. It’s a moisturizer and a primer. I’ve heard really good reviews about Bobbi Brown products, so I’m excited to try this one! Of course, I will do a follow up post!

(Price: Free Sample from my points with Sephora’s Loyalist card. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JOINING.)

Love this product! This another product that is awesome for beginners. It’s easy to apply and it blends amazinglyyyyyy! If you’re looking for a product that’s perfect for everyday use, and isn’t too expensive, purchase this!! My shade is Amande!

(Price: $25.00)

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