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With services including product photography and prop-styling, I offer three types of engaging imagery for beauty and wellness brands; Creative Concept, GIFs / Stop-Motion, and E-commerce. 
Clients can expect Imani Modus to take on the entire creative process (photo layouts, creative direction, prop-shopping) for a hassle-free collaboration.

Please note: all projects are valued at a minimum of $1,600

These images capture your audience's interest and influence their emotional response, which inspires them to take action. We collectively create the theme of your photos by combining your brand's identity and my creative ideas. 

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Think "Creative Concept Imagery" but in motion. GIFs / Stop-Motion photography compliment your social media channels, newsletters, and websites with eye-catching elements.

Your product page is the most important page on your site; fill it with sharp imagery! These shots focus on your product(s) and give consumers a clear, detailed view.



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