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Plaid Staples

Is anyone else as big of a fan of plaid as I am? It’s easy to style, and essentially, a statement piece on its own. Perfect for Autumn, and dressed either up or down, this pattern can take a simple outfit to the next level. Here is how I style 3 of my favorite plaid shirts!

P.S. All of these looks are styled with my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE pair of leggings! The link is attached under the outfits. I can easily say they are one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

Photographer: Fred Nutter of Fredric Photography


Look #1: Casual & Comfortable. Day or Night Look!

Ruffles, Plaid, Fringe and Edgy Leather all in one outfit.

This look serves girly, but also biker vibes!

Shirt: Guess · Bottoms: Guess · Jacket: Guess (Linked similar item) · Shoes: Steve Madden · Bag: Guess (Linked similar item) · Sunglasses: Miu Miu


Look #2: Blues and Greens!

My favorite men's shirt paired with the most comfortable high-waisted leggings. The size of this shirt, and the fact that it's tucked in helps to give this outfit a 90's feel. Add a leather jacket for some edginess.

·Shirt: H&M (Linked something similar)

·Bottoms: Guess

· Jacket: Guess (Linked similar item)

· Shoes: Steve Madden

· Bag: Miu Miu (Alexis' Closet in Atlanta, GA)


Look #3: Street Stylin'!

This outfit is inspired by everyday wear. As a student, I'm always looking for 3 things when choosing an outfit for those long school days: comfort, style, and layers. I decided to break up the red and black with an oversized army green utility jacket (just so the outfit isn't so matchy matchy).

Shirt: Guess (Linked something · Bottoms: Guess ·Jacket: Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply (Linked something similar) · Shoes: Nike · Bag: Chanel (Gifted)


-Imani Modus

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