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A Prosperous New Year

“New year, new me,” “this year I’m changing all of my bad habits,” “this year I’m taking time to focus on me.” We’ve all either said one of these new year resolution quotes, or heard someone else speak it. Now, I’m all for bettering yourself, self-love, and inner growth. However, the problem with these so-called clichés is that we (yes, including me) often start out for maybe a month (I’m reaching by saying a month, maybe 2-3 weeks?) and then go back to our habits.

Every day is a chance to begin something new, but we decide to put it off until the new year. Why is that? Procrastination, maybe? Mixed with excuses, and a dash of laziness. Something I remind myself of daily is the fact that if I continue procrastinating and being lazy, it will be portrayed in my school work, business work, and in my character. Now, it’s safe to say that you all want to be associated with words such as hardworking, eager, professional, and reliable, right? Right! As do I. Since we are on the same page, here is how I plan to make sure that 2017 is filled with continuous productivity, physical and mental growth, new experiences, and happiness.

Develop Good Habits/ Rid Myself of Bad Habits

Habits are easy to develop, but so very difficult to get rid of. I have a habit of procrastinating. I feel like if I didn’t have this habit, I could be so much further than where I am now (not to say that I'm in a bad place currently). I just want to develop a habit of urgency. If something is assigned to me, I should begin working on it that day, rather than waiting until I have one or two days to complete it. Aside from wanting to break that bad habit, a good one I want to develop is reading regularly (please look forward to reviews on books I'm reading coming soon)!

Plan & Organize

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

― Benjamin Franklin

Simply said. Planning is key. However, planning AND organization go hand in hand. I can’t

stress how important organization is. My best purchase of 2016 was my Lilly Pulitzer agenda, never left home without it. There’s a positive feeling that comes with having your life in order (well as much order as an agenda can bring you, lol). My point is planning and organization is vital for success.

Say Yes and Say No

I hate feeling as if I’m hurting someone’s feelings by answering something in a way that they wouldn’t like. For example: If my friend asks me to go out, but I would much rather stay home, drink tea, read, ya know, enjoy my personal time. BUT instead of telling them this, I say “Sure, let’s go!” I’ve learned three things from this: 1. I’m not upsetting anyone except myself, 2. I probably should’ve stayed home, and 3. Whoever it is will be OK if I say “no”. The same goes with saying yes. Saying yes to things you actually want to do, (but maybe are over thinking, or concerned about what others may think) opens doors for new opportunities. Taking chances!

Trust in My Abilities

I’m a person that sometimes doubts myself, but I constantly get things completed (sounds crazy, right?). Basically, what I mean by this is that I get myself worked up about something often, and then start to think “What if I can’t complete this?” “What if I’m not able to do this or that?” This year, I’m stopping that. I’ve gotten this far on my abilities (and by the strength of God), why should I continue to fear that I can’t do something when I’m in control of it?


Money, time, and energy. In 2016, I wasted a lot; spent money of things I didn’t need (confessions of a shopaholic), wasted energy worrying about what I had no control over, (or even worse, things I did have control over, as mentioned before), and time on pointless relationships. If it doesn’t benefit me, add positivity to my life, or make me happy, I’m not allowing it any longer.

Following these aspects will ensure that I create habits that will last far beyond 2017. These are all key in helping me get closer to becoming my best self.

What are some of your plans to make 2017 prosperous?

Stay lovely,

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