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New York, You've Grown on Me.

A few weekends ago I went to New York and fell in absolute love with the city. I’ve traveled to New York before, but never at this stage in life. I was eager and excited to go out alone, and learn the city. I stayed with my cousin, in Harlem, NY, and it wasn’t until I got there that I realized NY is the perfect place for a quick get-a-way. It can get a little costly (especially if you don’t have family or friends to stay with) but there are literally 100s of Air B&Bs in the city. Also, getting around is cheap and simple. While there, I traveled by a combo of driving, subway, Uber, and Via. Being that she was a NY native (living there for the past 4 years) I let her recommend places to go, etc. I didn’t have much of an agenda upon arriving, besides going to Create & Cultivate’s Beauty Summit, and the weekend turned out to be amazing. Below you will find a list of places I visited while there.



I was pleased to find that NY had plenty of stores for beauty products! In Atlanta, I believe the most popular store for housing beauty, skincare, and haircare products all-in-one is Sephora. Find a complete list of beauty stores that I visited below.


I only tried two restaurants while there for the weekend, and loved them both! If ever in NY, try the Drunk Man Noodles from Spice, and the Shrimp & Grits from The Pink Tea Cup.

·Spice on 1st Ave


One thing NY has a lot of is thrift stores. However, majority of them are similar to consignment shops/ boutiques. You know those super cheap prices we are used to from Goodwill and The Salvation Army? Yeah, you won't find those prices at most NY thrift shops but you will find some amazing pieces!

·Salvation Army

·Vintage Thrift West

Hope you enjoyed! Leave comments on a few of your favorite thrift shops, restaurants, and beauty shops, wherever they are!

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