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7 Affordable Beauty Brands to Try

I've been indulging in beauty and skincare over the past year. The more I dived into the beauty industry, the more I learned that there are so many other beauty brands and stores that house skincare besides my local drugstores and my favorite beauty empire, Sephora. This extensive list of skincare brands and products tends to get very costly, especially when it comes to finding products for specific skincare needs, i.e., acne, dryness, uneven skin tone, etc. Below, I provide you with a few brands that don't hurt your wallet and help you reach your #skingoals.


Products I Own : Sheet Masks $1.80

Products I Own: Purifying Pore Scrub $7.99

Products I Own: Salicylic Acid $5.30

Vitamin C Suspension $5.80

Products I own : Lip Sleeping Mask $20

(This is the most expensive item on the list. Majority of their items are in the $15-$25 range. I consider this affordble compared to other skincare brands.)

Products I Own: Rosehip Oil $5.99 (Purchased at TJ Maxx)

Products I Own: Glow Facial Serum $5.99 (Purchased at TJ Maxx)

Products I Own: Even Tone Brightening Night Cream $7.99 (TJ Maxx) $23.00 (Derma-E)

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