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DIY : Coffee Scrub for Face and Body

Although I’m not a huge fan of drinking coffee, I’ve always been a fan of its scent; it’s refreshing and energizing. I was inspired to make this simple body scrub after I came across Frank’s Body Scrub a few years ago (it’s so tempting to buy since their packaging is aesthetically pleasing). After researching, I realized that most coffee scrubs have the same 3 ingredients in them: coffee grounds, sugar, and coconut oil. However, I wanted to add a few other beneficial ingredients to mine: honey and lemon! Both of these ingredients have amazingly beneficial properties for the skin which are listed below.



-Helps fade dark spots

-Acne Treatment


-Skin Brightener

-Elbow and Knee Bleacher

-Oil eliminator

  • Coffee grounds (no particular brand)

  • Sugar (I prefer to use RAW sugar or any brand where the sugar crystals are coarse)

  • Coconut Oil (unrefined is best for skin)

  • Honey

  • Lemon

  • 1 Container (I prefer a Mason Jar)

First thing to remember, I never measure anything lol. Everything is based off of what I think is enough for me. For example, you may like less coconut oil than I do. It’s all based on preference.


Step 1: Combine your coffee grounds and sugar

Step 2: Melt your coconut oil to make mixing easier. Add into coffee and sugar once melted. (Keep in mind that the more coconut oil you add, the more moisturizing your scrub will be)

Step 3: Add in desired amount of honey

Step 4: Add in desired amount of lemon (I added the juice of 1 lemon)

Step 5: After mixing, pour mixture into your container and enjoy! 1 mason jar full has lasted me a little over 2 months.


Some things to keep in mind...

  • This scrub is very messy. It literally gets all over your shower!

  • This scrub is safe to use on your face and body!

  • I prefer to use this scrub every other day (on my body) and every 2 days (on my face). Too much exfoliation isn’t good for your skin!

  • If you have problem areas (I.E. your elbows or knees), be sure to focus on those when using this scrub.

I'd love to hear your reviews of this DIY Coffee Body Scrub when you try it! Comment below or submit an email.

Thank you for reading!


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